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Quality Built in Wardrobes Sydney and North Shore

The aletta story began over 10 years ago when we identified that storage solutions and specifically wardrobe design in Australia had not evolved in tandem with our increasingly busy lifestyles that require more efficient uses of space within our homes and office.

Companies in Europe had begun to develop new ideas to make wardrobes and storage more flexible and adaptable with new technologies and clever components, so we decided to explore the ‘road less travelled’ and focus on developing a solution based on a more innovative modular storage concept.

By introducing a light-weight post system that could support a wider range of components like shelves, drawers, hanging rails and customised display and storage features, we successfully developed a system that could be endlessly reconfigured, readapted or moved to your next home when needed.

Our aletta wardrobe and storage system is beautifully designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality European standards with a wide range of locally sourced luxury finishes at an attainable price so you can enjoy the best.


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