Custom Shelving: The guaranteed method to avoiding household clutter!

Do you ever look around your home and feel entirely overwhelmed with the little ‘odds and ends’ cluttered about? If yes, it sounds like you need custom shelving.


Starting ‘fresh’ and decluttering our lives is one of the most important transitions as we enter Autumn or any new season for that matter.  Studies have discovered, being disorganised negatively impacts productivity by 77%, state of mind by 65%, and happiness by 40%.


With that being said, decluttering and organisation is a fundamental part of human existence. We are always naturally searching for ways to create order, improve processes and systemise our lives.


Here’s how installing custom shelving in areas of your home will curb your clutter for good.


Attack your problem areas first


Look. We’re not going to say this is an easy task to get on-board for, but we certainly know your clutter is staring at you now and hovering in your mind every day you walk through the front door. We suggest you look at your problem areas first and assess the types of clutter that accumulate in those given spots before installing a shelving solution.


Group your collections 


The practicality of your space is highly dependent on your feng shui skills. When we feng shui, we are referring to the process of harmonising your area. This is accomplished through implementing the most efficient, and natural balance between you and your environment and often offers best results when grouping clutter which belongs together.


Reduce the barrier to decluttering


Say your dining room always has notebooks, pens and pencils across the table because you spend your time working from home in this location of the house. This clutter makes having guests over highly inconvenient for you and is impacting your overall wellbeing because you are struggling to detach from work. While most of us would love to think we would make the daily effort to pack away our work agenda by moving it back into our bedroom storage, there is a high chance we’ll leave it out because the barrier to decluttering is too high.


We’d suggest in this case or in any simpler example, make decluttering easy with custom shelving or storage solutions. When we group, and associate our clutter storage solutions to designated areas of the house, we achieve synergy in our environment.


Organise one room at a time


This is probably one of the most important and under-actioned processes in organising household clutter. When we only focus on the bigger picture all we see is chaos. Small organising jobs seem to be blown far out of proportion when we try to focus on too many tasks at once.


Relating back to our first point, by firstly attacking your clutter ‘problem areas’ allows you to find individual and effective solutions for the designated space. We suggest you to start with one section, discover the custom storage solution you need for that space and complete the area before moving onto solving the next.


Minify Procrastination


This is our last point to organizing your space to avoid household clutter. You need to make yourself accountable for decluttering by setting yourself strict timeframes to get the job done. You additionally need to have convenient, functional storage to minimise your chances of procrastination.


If you need help beating the clutter in your home, contact a wardrobe and solution specialist at Aletta. We have over 10 years’ experience in styling and fitting Sydney homes and office spaces with practical and functional storage solutions including custom shelving, wardrobes, office shelving and more. Contact us today to receive your obligation-free measure and quote!



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