Ideas to introduce luxury storage and dressing space to your walk-in wardrobe


Here, you will find advice and ideas on how to introduce luxury storage to your walk-in wardrobe. You will also find tips on the best locations as well as the most important design details to consider when planning a for a walk-in wardrobe & storage. A luxury walk-in closet is like having your very own boutique, so set it up like one, have your favourite items on display and give yourself plenty of room for try-on sessions!


Pick a room to convert. If you are lucky, your home has a room that is barely used such as a home study, attic, storage room or bedroom. Ideally the closer this room is to the master, the better it is.  You might also consider subdividing your Master Bedroom to Create a Walk-In Closet.

The room chosen might have a window but often they are windowless and small. However, if fitted out cleverly to cope with all your clothing storage needs, Even the smallest walk-in wardrobe will help in keeping your bedroom neat.


Walk-in closets usually come in three shapes: L-shaped (two walls), U-shaped (three walls), and straight. The must have essentials  would be hanging space, a mirror, hooks or shelves for hats and handbags and drawers for clothes and accessories like jewellery and watches.


Aletta-Walk-in-Wardrobe-Natural light

Never underestimate the quality of good lighting in your closet! It is where you spent time getting ready for the day or evening so it is just as important to your wellbeing as it is to the room aesthetics. You don’t want to mistake navy for black when you go through your closet again!


Having a window in your closet is a luxury that really lets in the light. If you have a window in your closet, take advantage of it. Keep it clear and free of any light-blocking clutter.

For a windowless room, the key is to think about light-reflecting surfaces and introduce both ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly.

It includes warm recessed LEDs, track lighting where you can direct light wherever you need it more. For a decorative touch, what about a chandelier or pendant light?

You can also consider investing in a skylight to give it a light and airy feel during the day!


Make a walk-in wardrobe an appealing space to enter with your choice of finish. We love working with textured wood, leather or laminated finishes. It brings depth and character and are so pleasant to touch.

At Aletta, we have a wide range of finishes that will suit your home and personal taste.


You might like to add tiny elegant touches like gold handles, knobs or you might prefer a more minimalist style defined by simplicity and clean lines. What about adding some softness with textiles or a rug?


It’s important to take the time to focus on what you need and love. Speaking with an interior designer will help you with the initial design process of your dream custom walk-in closet.


Impressive wardrobes finishes you must see! – aletta wardrobe finishes



Aletta seat in walk-in

If your walk-in closet is spacious, You can incorporate seating into the space to add function and style. From a simple yet elegant ottoman all the way up to a small sofa, it can work as a great getaway from everyday life and can also come in handy when taking off your shoes or putting on those pesky high heels.


Whether it’s free-standing, wall-mounted or fitted, adding a mirror in your walk-in wardrobe is an essential addition

A full-length mirror will help in dressing to your best from head to toe. Ensure you allow enough room to step back from the mirror for an optimal view point.

Would you like your walk-in wardrobe to feel luxuriously large?

You can use mirrors as a design element to give the illusion of more space if the square footage is lacking.

Use them behind shelves and nooks to create a feel of greater depth. They can also help in focusing on your favourite accessories such a shoes or luxury bags.


Beauty desk-dressing table

A dressing table can be incorporated to the custom joinery, enclosed behind doors or be a separate piece of freestanding furniture. Any surface, can serve as a dressing table really. The key is to have it well-lit. Artificial cross illumination is good but ideally place your dressing table in front of a window as natural light is the best lighting for makeup application.

It is great to include a drawer storage under it or within convenient access to hold beauty products, air brushes or anything else you might require.

You might wish to finish the space with a charming chair for your comfort when applying make-up, drying hair and putting on jewellery It is also a great way to add touch of personality!

If you are looking for the next level of customisation in Sydney, look for high-end retailers to your taste, get in in touch with us or your favourite interior designer. Where Can I Get Custom Walk-in Wardrobe Solutions in Sydney? 

This option is usually not cheap, but the results can be impressive as you will get a walk-in wardrobe design that’s exclusive to your space with a functional elegant storage area which ensures every possible inch is fully optimised.

Hope this article helped with giving you ideas on how to introduce luxury storage to your walk-in wardrobe.

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