How to organise closet shelves

Thinking about how to organise closet shelves? 

We think there is a high chance that the state of your wardrobe is a reflection of the organisation in the rest of your life. Clutter can feel daunting or overwhelming. You are having trouble getting out the door in the morning or you forget where things are… Well, your wardrobe may be the cause of all of these issues. Here, we will give you advise and show you how easy it is to get your wardrobe organised. The key is to start small with the simple things and step by step, you will find that rush out the door becomes less of a concern. You will find that once you start to organise one area of your home, you will likely be tempted to do so with other areas of your home. And it will improve how you live in your space.

The clean out:

You want to know how to organise your closet shelves? Take everything out of the wardrobe to see just what you are dealing with. You will want to start fresh so vacuuming and giving all surfaces a really good wipe down is recommended. Place the wardrobe contents on a flat surface so you can visualize what you no longer want or need. If there are a lot of items that take up space but you don’t want to get rid of them; they might fit in a vacuum bag and be stored away in your home.

Tips for decluttering your wardrove here 

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Is it hung or destined for a drawer:

All items that are formal or long require to be hung up as they need to breath and keep their shape to avoid wrinkles. On the other hand, items such as knitwear and stretchier clothing should all be folded. These items best retain their shape by not having gravity pull them down. T-shirts can also be folded as they are easy to remove creases from and are more space efficient in your limited wardrobe space. Jeans or pants can be hung or folded. We love suggesting using drawers for underwear and socks… But at the end of the day, it also up to you and what works best for you!

Adjust your shelf positions:

Most wardrobes are adjustable in some way. You can usually adjust or add shelves and hanging rods easily to your liking if you know how!  Just remember sizing between shelving needs to be thought out before you start. Something to remember is how many items can this shelf hold once it has been adjusted. If you have 6-10 pairs of folded jeans or sweaters it is a good idea to have that shelf spaced about 30-40cm. This allows for 20-35cm of stacking and a little bit of room for access. If you are adjusting your shelf to hold shoes try leaving around 15cm min. It will allow you to easily see the shoes, get to them with ease and allows for larger ones to be stored as well. 

Group your items:

We think that a good way to maximising your space is to keep similar articles together. Indeed, it is usually best to keep all sweaters together, jeans stay together and so so on. You get bonus points if you separate the items by use or season! It helps not rustling through the wardrobe and destroying your hard work. By doing so, you will always know what you have and where to find your favorite sweater when the time comes.

Don’t stack everything to the heavens:

 It is best to keep in mind that 30cm is the highest a folded stack of clothing can go before it becomes a leaning tower. If you try to push your stacks too high you might have a toppled mess on your hands which will land you back at square one.

Sure, this might only be one item in the stack if it is a thick blanket or a heavy knit. We find that piles that exceed 30cm just become too tricky to deal with. You can imagine a pile crashing down like a soft Jenga game while rushing to take out your favourite pair of jeans…

Keep small items and accessories in storage boxes:

We love suggesting to use decorative boxes. They are amazing as they can house all of those small items such as accessories, swim-ware or anything that you fear will be lost if placed on a shelf. Everything that can be stored in a drawer can be housed on a shelf by using storage containers. This allows you to gather everything in the category you have in one place and use boxes that fit the application for the items you are storing. 

Storage boxes are also a great way to add little something special, bring some decorative style to your wardrobe.

Keep frequently used items at eye level:

Keeping everything close by when you are in a hurry is a benefit to everyone. This is why storing your frequently used items where you can see them. Try to keep these items are eye or chest height so they are the first thing you see when you go into your wardrobe. This way you aren’t grabbing the step stool to get your favourite coat or your best jeans.

Drawers or shelves:

We find that both options have the capacity to store the same items. Indeed, they can both fit to your space for holding your folded items. There is a benefit to using drawers for the fact they add more protection, although shelves are more cost effective. In saying this though there are storage containers that can protect your delicate folded items such as a timber framed box. These can come in dozens of sizes and shapes but have a higher level of protection compared to cardboard boxes. This way you can have the savings you desire and the protection of a drawer. Just remember though everything needs to be sorted before it get put away.

We hope this article help you with on how to organise closet shelves. Best of luck if it gave you the motivation to start with other areas of your home. 

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