With an organised wardrobe, you will actually wear more of the things you own

Aletta walk-in luxury wardrobe 29

With an organised walk-in wardrobe, you will actually wear more of the things you own!

This is article is to give you an insight into different ways in which you can store and organise your clothes, shoes and any other accessories with our Aletta wardrobes & storage system.


Do you wish to display your latest luxury shoes or maximise the organisation of numerous pair of shoes in your walk-in robe? Our storage system has many solutions to fit your needs. You can use flat shelves, boxes, angle shelves or slide-out shoe organisers. Now, we just need to choose what will be the adequate design for your walk-in wardrobe!

Sloping shoe shelf display
Shoe rack
Sloping shoe shelf display


When it comes to organising clothing, everyone has a different approach. While some prefer to hide clothes behind drawers, others prefer folding them onto shelves or hanging them. 

What about your trousers? Do you know that they can also be nicely hung on a pull-out pants rack.


Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with the multitude of solutions possible and get in touch with usOur team of designers will happily help you in designing the layout of your dream walk-in-wardrobe.


Aletta tips:

It is good to think of using the same hangers throughout as it will be more visually pleasing and create a tidy look!

Trouser organiser


If nicely displayed, your jewellery can be part of the overall look of your walk-in closet. On the other hand, if you have an extended collection of jewellery and prefer to keep them discretely away, we have a large range of organisers to keep them safe.  These organisers will fit earrings, bracelets, necklaces or sunglasses. Why not customise a jewellery drawer with a glass top for an optimal overview? Or secure your precious items with a locking system?

Jewellery Drawer Interior
Jewellery Drawer Interior
Wardrobe Accessories Drawer

Belts, ties, and other accessories

Nothing is worse than heading to your wardrobe to get dressed for the day and be greeted by a tangled mess of fabric, metal, and leather. The solution is to properly store and organise your favourite accessories, so they are easily accessible. It’s also the optimal way to keep your delicate accessories looking their best!

Belt Rack
Drawer organizer
Tie rack

The beauty of this multifunctional post system is that it is custom made to fit your needs and taste. The uprights allow a free positioning of all the elements above at the desired height.  It could be endlessly reconfigured, readapted or moved to your next home when needed.

So, If you are looking for a custom-built wardrobe that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, please get in touch with us today. We are looking forward to helping you with the design of your dream wardrobe in Sydney.

Aletta walk-in luxury wardrobe 29
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