Impressive wardrobes finishes you must see!

Wardrobes are no longer just a piece of furniture to store clothes in your bedroom, luxury wardrobe finishes highlight the best of contemporary interior design and can elevate any living space.

It can often be difficult to design or purchase a wardrobe that suits our needs. Freestanding wardrobes do not offer us the choice to customize it according to our house interiors. If you are in a search for the wardrobe that suits your interior design and functional wardrobe needs, then keep reading about the key wardrobe finishes to achieve your dream wardrobe. 




Mirror Wardrobe

Wardrobes with mirror sliding doors make rooms appear more spacious and are a common bedroom wardrobe option for limited space.

Cost-effective and conventional, mirrored wardrobes can help make the smallest of rooms feel more spacious and can be custom built to any room. 



Glass Wardrobe Doors

Glass wardrobe doors add a fresh and elegant storage solution to any bedroom or living space. The subtle reflection of white frosted glass wardrobe doors allows bedrooms and living spaces to appear spacious without the same effect of a mirrored robe.



Modular Wardrobe 

Imagine your ideal wardrobe set up that you can move around whenever more or less space is needed. Then imagine a wardrobe so stylish that is the centrepiece of a room. Introducing the modular wardrobe. Modular wardrobes are functionality meets endless style. With the ability to change shelving spacing, adjust hanging space and move draws, modular wardrobes are fully customisable to your every need. 

The best part of modular wardrobes is they aren’t just limited to bedroom spaces! Their open adjustable shelving, interchangeable hanging space and draws are ideal for bathroom storage, office storage and design and living rooms spaces.

With an interchangeable modular wardrobe, you can adapt any space with ease and convenience.



Laminate Wardrobe Doors

Laminate wardrobe technology is a great wardrobe solution if you are looking for realistic contemporary surfaces at a fraction of the price. Laminate wardrobe doors can help any surface look sophisticated with hundreds of design choices from modern wood grain textures to solid coloured panelling with an ultra-chic shiny finish. Designing your dream wardrobe with laminate means your options are endless.





Textured cabinetry

For a small bedroom, the texture of your cabinetry including your wardrobe can make a big impact on the space of the room. Playing with texture in a decorated space will appeal to the eye visually and offer a tactical solution to making space appear larger than what it is. When we use textures, clean lines and lighter hues matching the existing interior of a room, we create spatial illusions that reflect light and elevate any space with the ultimate style while offering a simple storage solution.

Textured cabinetry


Long Handles

Long Handles on large custom cabinetry transform the idea of functional storage into a sleek and elegant. Any storage with this kind of classy fitting will advance home or office interior. 



Knob Handles

Knob handles on cabinets are often considered traditional. Although, the reality is, these types of finishes can match any desired aesthetic for any household or office space. 



Soft closing Drawers

Soft closing drawers not only look super-sleek, but the benefits are also extremely practical! In our busy lives, we sometimes force draws to close. This often causes trauma to our cabinetry by putting stress on draw rails. Using soft closing finishes on our drawers and cupboards adds an element of luxury that increases the longevity of our custom-built cabinetry.


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