Tips for decluttering your wardrobe

Are we all honest with ourselves? We all have limited wardrobe space, a well designed wardrobe can maximise the space you have. Smart solutions can be the key to doubling the amount of storage you have. If you have a small wardrobe though that might not be cutting it for you and that is why decluttering and organisation work together in tandem. You can’t do one and leave out the other, learn how to declutter your space with these simple tips.

Clothing rotation:

Why let bulky winter sweaters dominate the available space in your wardrobe when it’s summer. We have
priorities people! Rotating your seasonal clothing by packing them away whether that be vacuum bags and store them under the bed or if you have furniture that acts as storage for you. The key is ensuring all of your items are safe and sound in the packaging you store them in.

Make sure you clean everything first. Moths and other nasties are attracted to certain fabrics and moisture. This means either you can wash them and dry them fully or have them professionally cleaned before storing them away for the next couple of seasons. A pro tip is to fold all of your clothes before you store them so that way they will be ready to use the second that first cold March breeze kicks in. This helps avoid wrinkles and permanent creases. If you are worried about moths or anything like them you can place small cedar wood blocks in with them to keep those bugs away.

Aletta modular luxury wardrobe


Corner Modular Wardrobe

Clearing out your wardrobe may be hard but it is necessary to manage our everyday clutter that creeps it’s way into our lives. It is the perfect time to purge what you no longer want or need when you are going through a clothing rotation between seasons. This allows you to dive deeply into the back of the wardrobe and decide what you need versus what sat at the bottom for the last six months without any use. If you didn’t wear it, donate it! Throw away anything that is either damaged or just seen better days. There is no reason to take up valuable wardrobe space with items you don’t use.

Keep what fits you now:

We would all like to reach our body goals but saving items that don’t fit you now don’t help you to get motivated to achieve those goals. Save all items that currently fit you and you wear regularly. If you hit your desired body in the future then treat yourself to some new items that fit with what you want then because we all know our tastes change over time.

Don’t get attached: 

Is holding onto that important item you wore once really worth it in the long run? In the future we all see things go in and out of style and holding onto your bridesmaids dress from five years ago may have brought you a lot of fun for a night but thats no reason to hold onto it for the next decade. You won’t wear it again and we all have that guilt as if that night will go away if we donate or discard of that one special item. They all just take up space when they could be reused by someone else.
Of course this goes without saying if it is something like a wedding dress is out of the picture. This is a special piece. In saying this though don’t feel too attached to your daughter using your dress on her wedding day because the chances of that happening are slim. Your dress will become a physical memory like your wedding day photo album.

USe storage containers to maximise space and help declutter:

Once you have purged your wardrobe and find you have less storage space than you need, this is where you will find storage solutions come to the rescue. A well equipped wardrobe with storage and organisers can maximise twice over. Wardrobe organisers increase space by utilising the vertical space. These can hold all sorts of items like shoes or folded clothing in your hanging area that isn’t being fully used but allows for everything to be accessible at all times.

Check here to find out 5 wardrobe accessories which will help you in saying well organised.

You can always invest in solutions like timber containers or hooks or slide out hanging for items like jewellery or ties. These are all simple things to bring into your space to help make the wardrobe work harder for you and bring more convenience to your life.

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