5 Wardrobe accessories suitable for any space

Every bedroom should have a wardrobe big enough to fit in your collection of clothes, accessories, and other personal items. Most people feel their wardrobe is not well-organized and lacks space to fit in everything they want comfortably. However, in most cases, this is not true, the real culprit may not be the space but the designing and planning of the wardrobe. When building custom wardrobes, most homeowners spend a lot of their time deliberating about its design and aesthetic appeal.

However, they do not give as much importance to the wardrobe interiors, leaving a lot of empty spaces that keep your wardrobe underutilized. There are many different wardrobe accessories you can use to optimize wardrobe space usage and comprehensively fulfill your storage needs. The good thing is that these accessories are versatile and can be used flexibly in different ways without compromising the appearance of the space.


Wardrobe Shelves


walk in wardrobe shelving

Wardrobe shelving makes it easy for you to stack t-shirts, jeans, seasonal clothing, or other things properly. They are also perfect for bags and clutches, allowing you to find them quickly. You can also add boxes and baskets for small items to keep your shelves more organized. The best thing about wardrobe shelves is that they allow you to maximize the space in your wardrobe at very little cost.


Trouser Rack


trouser shelving

Trousers usually take up most of the space in your wardrobe. Also, folding and organizing them takes a lot of effort as ironed trousers can crease when they are piled over one another. Trouser pullout racks ensure your ironed trousers remain crisp and ready to wear. It allows you to pull out the trouser you need without interfering with the organization of the entire rack, making it a comfortable and viable option for many.


Display Organizing Drawer


draw organiser

Pullout organizer drawers can add that touch of luxury your wardrobe needs. These drawers come with several small compartments lined with soft fabric where you can neatly keep your expensive accessories like jewellery, watches, collectibles and other things. The open display allows you to take out the required accessories without cluttering the entire drawer.


Shoe Organizer


shoe organiser

Shoes can make your wardrobe look messy and cluttered, no matter how clean they are or how neatly you arrange them. A shoe organizer is a must-have in your wardrobe as they help you keep all your shoes in one place away from dirt. These shoe racks are designed to allow passing of grime or mud through it to keep your shoes fresh and in good condition. Moreover, by using a shoe organizer, the longevity of your shoe is enhanced considerably.


Tie and Belt Holder


display organising draw


A tie and belt holder might not be on the top of your list, but it is a complete game-changer. These might look simple but go a long way in keeping your wardrobe organized. They are designed to keep ties wrinkle-free and ready to go as needed.


Ready-made standing wardrobes come with their own set of challenges. They might occupy more floor space than you want or the wardrobe might not have all the necessary storage accessories for your items. Get rid of these issues by opting for custom made wardrobes. You can customize the size, height and the interiors of the wardrobe to suit your individual needs.


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